Uniraj B.Sc Part I/ II/ III Exam Time Table 2016 Rajasthan University Science 1st/ 2nd/ 3rd Year

Rajasthan University RU B.Sc Science Part-I/ Part-II/ Part-III Time Table 2016: The RU/ Uniraj has uploaded Date Sheet PDF for Science/ Commerce & Arts UG Course (Regular/ Private/ Non-Collegiate) Exam Time Table 2016. In this article the Exam Free Job Alert is providing the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, Jhunjhunu, Dholpur, Sikar, Dausa & other college affiliated UNIRAJ.

The students can check subject wise exam time table 2016 for Private & Govt Colleges. The Non-Collegiate students of Arts (B.A Part-I/ II/ III) can also download main theory papers date sheet.

The Rajasthan University is very popular in Western India. It is the largest State Univeristy in Rajasthan. The controller of examination has issued notice regarding upcoming theory/ practical exam 2016. The Post-Graduate courses ie M.Sc/ M.A/ M.Com Part-I/ II/ final year exam time table 2016 shall be issued in 2nd Week of February.

Uniraj (RU) B.Sc Part-I/ II & Final Year Date Sheet 2016.

The Univeristy of Rajasthan UG Science Part-I/ II & Part-III exam time table is given below. If you have any doubt or change or exam time table. Please comment below.

Date Day  B.Sc Part-I B.Sc Part-II B.Sc Final Year 2016 Date sheet
02.03.2016 Wednesday
03.03.2016 Thursday
04.03.2016 Friday
05.03.2016 Saturday
08.03.2016 Tuesday ENVS
09.03.2016 Wednesday
10.03.2016 Thursday CHEM/ELECT-I PHY/BOT-1
1 1.03.2016 Friday BlO.CHEM-1
12.03.2016 Saturday CHEM/ELECT-II
14.03.2016 Monday BIO. CHEM-1 BIO.CHEM-H
15.03.2016 Tuesday ELE. COM. CHEM/ELECT-III PHY/BOT-H
16.03.2016 Wednesday GEOLOGY-1
17.03.2016 Thursday BIO. CIIEM.-1 BIO. CHEM-II CHEM/ELECT-I
18.03.2016 Friday GEOLOGY-H GEOLOGY-1
19.03.2016 Saturday BIO. CHEM.-ll BIO. CHEM-II 1
21.03.2016 Monday BIO. CHEM.-III GEOLOGY II
22.03.2016 Tuesday PHY/BOT-HI
25703.2016 Saturday BIO.CHEM-Hl
28.03.2016 Monday CHEM/ELCT-I
29.03.2016 Tuesday GEOG-1
30.03.2016 Wednesday GEN. HINDI/ ELE.HINDI CHEM/ELECT-II
31.03.2016 Thursday PSY-I PHY/BOT-I GEOLOGY I
01.04.2016 Friday CHEM/ELCT-U
02.04.2016 Saturday PHY/BOT-II GEOG-I
04.04.2016 Monday GEN. ENG. CHEM/ELECT-HI
05.04.2016 Tuesday PSY-II PHY/BOT-II GEOG-II
06.04.2016 Wednesday CHEM/ELCT-III GEOG-II GEOLOGY-H
07.04.2016 Thursday ECON-I
11.04.2016 Monday
12.04.2016 Tuesday ECON-II
13 04.2016 Wednesday PHY/BOT-I
16.04.2016 Saturday ZOOL/MATHS-I
18.04.2016 Monday PHY/BOT-II
20.04.2016 Wednesday
21.04.2016 Thursday ZOOL/MA T11S-II VOC-U
22.04.2016 Friday ECON-1
23.04.2016 Saturday GEOG-l VOC-U ZOO L/M ATH-I
25.04.2016 Monday PHY/BOT-III ZOOL/MATH-I
26.0*1.2016 Tuesday ZOOL/MATHS-111 ZOOL/MATH-II
27.04.2016 Wednesday ECON-1 ZOOL/MATH-II
29.04.2016 Friday HONS-I ZOOL/MATH-III
30.04.2016 Saturday ECON-II PSY-I
02.05.2016 Monday
03.05.2016 Tuesday STAT/AP.STAT-I HONS-V/VII PSY-1
04.05.2016 Wednesday PSY-II STAT/AP.STAT-I
05.05.2016 Thursday STAT/AP.STAT-II PSY-II
06.05.2016 Friday ST AT/A P. STAT-1 HONS-IX/XIII
07.05.2016 Saturday HONS-ll ST AT/AP.ST AT-11
09.05.2016 Monday STAT/AP. STAT-U
10.05.2016 Tuesday HONS-Vl/V’lll
J 1.05.2016 Wednesday HONS-X/XIV
12.05.2016 Thursday
13.05.2016 Friday HONS-I1I
14.05.2016 Saturday HONS-VII/LX
16.05.2016— Monday— llONS-Xl/XV
17.05.2016 Tuesday HONS-IV
18.05.2016 Wednesday HONS-VlII/.\
19.05.20156 Thursday HONS-V HONS-XII/XVI
20.05.20156 Friday
21.05.2016 Saturday HONS-XI
23.05.2016 Monday HONS-XVII
24.05.2016 Tuesday HONS-Vl HONS-Xll
25.05.2016 Wednesday
26.05.2016 Thursday HONS-XVIII
27.05.2016 Friday

Uniraj B.A/ B.Sc/ B.Com Time Table 2016

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