RU B.A Part-I/ II (Arts) Non-Collegiate Date Sheet 2016 Uniraj Time Table

The University of Rajasthan, Jaipur declared final date sheet of B.A Part-I/ Part-II Exam 2016. The Non-College Student enrolled in Bachelor of Science (B.A) in 1st Year/ 2nd Year can download their exam time table 2016. The theory paper of Uniraj 2016 start from 2nd March 2016.

The complete subject wise RU Exam Schedule 2016 B.A Part-I/ Part-II (Non-Collegiate) students is given below. The students of Science/ Commerce can also download B.Sc Part-I/ II/ Final Year (Regular/ Private), B.Com Part-I/ II/III Part Regular student Govt College/ Private College Exam Time Table 2016.

UNIRAJ B.A Part-I/ II Non-Collegiate Date Sheet 2016.

The Rajasthan University B.A Part-I/ II NC student time table is given below. Note down or download the complete PDF file.

Date Day B.A Part-II (Non-Collegiate)-2016 Time Table B.A Part-I (Arts NC) Date Sheet 2016.
02.03.2016 Wednesday POL.SC-1 GEN. HINDI
03.03.2016 Thursday GEN. ENG.
04.03.2016 Friday HINDI! POL.SC-1
05.03.2016 Saturday POL.SC-II HIST-I
08.03.2016 Tuesday
09.03.2016 Wednesday HINDI-11 POL.SC-H
10.03.2016 Thursday
1 1.03.2016 Friday GEOG-I HIST-II
12.03.2016 Saturday GPEM-I
14.03.2016 Monday SOCIO-I GEOG-I
15.03.2016 Tuesday GPEM-II
16.03.2016 Wednesday SOCIO-I
17.03.2016 Thursday GEOG-II
18.03.2016 Friday GEOG-11
19.03.2016 Saturday SOCIO-II SOCIO-II
21.03.2016 Monday HINDI-LIT-I
22.03.2016 Tuesday HIST-I
25703.202 Saturday HINDI-I.IT-II
28.03.2016 Monday HIST-II
29.03.2016 Tuesday
30.03.2016 Wednesday IND. MUS.-I
31.03.2016 Thursday PHILOS-l PSY-I
01.04.2016 Friday
02.04.2016 Saturday PHILOS-ll
04.04.2016 Monday
05.04.2016 Tuesday HOME SC-I PSY-II
06.04.2016 Wednesday IND. MUS.-II
07.04.2016 Thursday URDU-1 ENG. LIT.-1
11.04.2016 Monday HOME SC-II
12.04.2016 Tuesday URDU II ENG. LIT.-II
13 04.2016 Wednesday SANS/PER-I HOME SC-I
16.04.2016 Saturday PUB. ADM-I MATHS-1
18.04.2016 Monday HOME SC-II
20.04.2016 Wednesday SANS/PER-II
21.04.2016 Thursday PUB. ADM II MATHS-H
22.04.2016 Friday ECON-I
23.04.2016 Saturday ENG. L1T.-1
25.04.2016 Monday MATH-I
26.05.2016 Tuesday ENG. LIT.-II MATHS-III
27.04.2016 Wednesday MATH-II ECON-I
28.04.2016 Thursday ECON-H
29.04.2016 Friday MATH-111 URDU-1
30.04.2016 Saturday PSY-I ECON-II
02.05.2016 Monday PUB. ADM.-I
03.05.2016 Tuesday IND. MUS.-I STAT/AP.STAT-I
04.05.2016 Wednesday PSY-II PUB. ADM.-I1
05.05.2016 Thursday IND. MUS.-II STAT/AP.STAT-II
06.05.2016 Friday STAT/AP. STAT-1 URDU-II
07.05.2016 Saturday SANS/PER-1
09.05.2016 Monday STAT/AP. STAT-ll
10.05.2016 Tuesday SANS/PER-11
J 1.05.2016 Wednesday PHILOSOPY-1
12.05.2016 Thursday
13.05.2016 Friday PHILOSOPY-II
14.05.2016 Saturday GPEM-I
16.05.2016— Monday— GPEM-H
17.05.2016 Tuesday
18.05.2016 Wednesday
19.05.20156 Thursday
20.05.20156 Friday
21.05.2016 Saturday
23.05.2016 Monday
24.05.2016 Tuesday
25.05.2016 Wednesday
26.05.2016 Thursday
27.05.2016 Friday

B.A Part-III Non-Collegiate Date Sheet 2016 – Issued [Check Here]

Download Admit Card.

The permission letter of Rajasthan University Arts First Year-I/ Part-II Uniraj Non-Collegiate Exam 2016 is avaialble on website. The students can check exam center code/ exam time table/ date of test/ photo & signature.

Rajasthan University 2016 Exam Time-Table for B.A/ B.Sc/ B.Com Part-I/ II/ III Main Examination

Rajasthan University Admit Card Main Exam 2016

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