RPSC Assistant Agriculture Research Officer 9th FEB 2016 Exam Answer Key

Download Official Answer Key for Assistant Agriculture Research Officer Online Written Test held on 9th February 2016. If you have Objection in RPSC Answer Key AARO – Plant Pathology, you can report at www.rpsc.rajasthan.gov.in/examobjection portal. The Rajasthan Public Service Commission Ajmer has conducted online test for 53 Agriculture Officer Bharti. The Agriculture Research Officer (Agronomy) & Assistant Agriculture Research Officer (Plant Pathology) post are vacanct. The result of RPSC AARO Bharti 2016 is uploaded in March/ April 2016.


The RPSC AARO Online Written Exam held on 09-02-2016. The official answer key with solution is available now. The answer Key (wrong) report for any question can be done online from 11th February 2016 to 13th February 2016.

Download Official RPSC Answer Key.

The Assistant Agriculture Research Officer Online Test 9th FEB 2016 Answer key for all 100 question is given below. Do check all your question and answer below.

1 2
2 1
3 3
4 4
5 1
6 2
7 4
8 3
9 3
10 1
11 4
12 2
13 3
14 1
15 4
16 3
17 4
18 4
19 4
20 3
21 2
22 2
23 2
24 1
25 4
26 4
27 4
28 4
29 3
30 3
31 4
32 4
33 4
34 3
35 4
36 3
37 4
38 3
39 1
40 4
41 2
42 3
43 3
44 1
45 2
46 4
47 1
48 3
49 3
50 4
51 3
52 1
53 3
54 2
55 3
56 2
57 4
58 4
59 2
60 4
61 1
62 2
63 1
64 3
65 4
66 2
67 4
68 2
69 2
70 4
71 1
72 1
73 4
74 2
75 4
76 3
77 3
78 1
79 1
80 4
81 2
82 4
83 4
84 1
85 2
86 3
87 2
88 4
89 2
90 4
91 4
92 4
93 1
94 4
95 2
96 2
97 1
98 1
99 3
100 2


AARO_Plant Pathology_9th Feb_2016

S.No. Question Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4
1 Who is considered as the “Father of Modern Plant Pathology and Indian Mycology”? Oscar Brefeld E.J.Butler W.M.Stainley E.F.Smith
2 Who was the first president of Indian Phytopathology? Dr. J.F.Dastur Dr.K.C.Mehta Dr.B.B.Mundkar Dr.Raghubir Prasad
3 The Monographs on “Genera of Uredinales of the world” Ustilaginales of India” were write by? Dr.J.F.Dastur E.J.Butler Dr.M.J.Thirumalachar Dr. T.S.Ramakrishnan
4 The disease whcih is due to Zn-deficiency in rice was first discovered and reported from India by which scientist and its name? Dr. J.P.Verma-Tundu Dr.M.K.Hingorani-Leaf spot Dr. S.R. Bose-Smut Dr. Y.L.Nena-Khaira
5 Which Institute started post graduate programme in Plant Pathology for the first time in India:- Govt. Agriculture college,kanpur in 1945 Rajasthan College of Agriculture,Udaipur,1955 Tamil Nadu Agriculture University,1956 College of Agriculture,pune,1950
6 Who dicovered virus diseases in Plants for the first time in the world? E.F.Smith-1983 M.W.Beijerinck-1998 Michael Holling-1962 Kassanis-1968
7 P.A.Millardet discovered a fungicide which was effective against which disease and name of the fungicide:- Rust disease of wheat-Bavistin Downy mildew of Bajra- Apron SD 35 Powdery mildew of cucurbits- Sulfex Downy mildew of grapes- Bordeaux mixture
8 Which ancient book in India which deals with the disease of plants and their control:- Charak Samhita-4th Century. Genera Plantarum- 8th Century Surapala Vriksharveda-9th Century Sushrut samhita-7th Century
9 Dutch elm disease is caused by:- viroid Bacteria Fungus Mycoplasma
10 which group belong to obligate parasite? Powdery mildew,Rusts, Dowry mildew Smuts,Rust,and blight Anthracnose,Root rot,Collar rot Cankers,Stripe diseases and Scabs.
11 PR4 protein is related is chitinase B-1,3 glucanase Globulins Fungal growth inhibition
12 Phytoalexins are inhibitory is Only fungi Fungi,bacteria,nematodes,a nd other organisms Only bateria Only Viruses
13 The best example of macrocyclic rust in India is Yellow rust of whet Rust of groundnut Black stem rust of wheat Common rust of maize
14 At what pressure culture media for microorganisms can be autoclaved :- 121.6 °C and 15 pounds(6.8 kg) pressure for 20 minutes. 150 °C and 15 pounds(6.8 kg) pressure for 30 minutes. 200 °C and 20 pounds(6.8 kg) pressure for 30 minutes. 210 °C and 20 pounds(6.8 kg) pressure for 20 minutes.
15 Viroids have some unique properties as compared to viruses,Which one of the given below is correct for viroids:- Have protein coal, smallest infectious entity, no vector known. Can survive on dead plant debris also and have protein coal- Vector transmitted,no protein coat,circular ss DNA No protein coat,no vector is known, circular ss DNA
16 Blight of cumin, in Rajasthan. Is caused by :- Alternaria alternata Alternaria tenuis Alternaria burnsii Xanthomonas spp.
17 Which one of the following microorganisms fixes nitrogen but does not induce root nodule formation :- Rhizobium Azorhizobium Bradyrhizobium Azospirillum
18 Which one of the following transmitts Grape fan and tobacco ring spot virus :- Fungus Whitefly Grasshopper Nematodes
19 Most of the Colletotrichum stop cause :- Blight Scab Root rot Anthracnose
20 Loose smut of wheat completely :- Soil borne disease Soil and seed borne disease Seed borne disease Air borne disease
21 Pseudomonas syringae pv tabaci produces. AM.-toxins Tabo-toxins Phaseolotoxin Syringotoxin
22 Elicitors are capable of inducing :- Toxin synthesis Phytoalexin synthesis Enzyme synthesis Coenzyme synthesis
23 Burgundy mixture was discovered in 1987 as a substitute of :- Chestnut compound Bordeaux mixture copper carbonate Ziram
24 Random amplied polymorphic DNA markers are often used to ;- Detect genetic similarities among prathogenic strains Detect enzymes Detect genetic dissimilarities among pathogenic strains Detect genetic code.
25 which one is an example of host specific toxin? Tabotoxin Fusaric acid Piricularin Victorin
26 Tyndallisation is performed at :- 150 °C for 20 mini. for 2 days 100 °C for 20 mini. for 3 days 121 °C for 20 mini. for 2 days 121.6 °C for 15 mini. for 3 days
27 Downy mildew is caused by members of Pythiaceae Moniliaceae Albergnaceae Pernosporaceae
28 Clamp-connection are found in :- Albugo Erysiphe Puccinia Ustilago
29 Black-heart disease of patato is caused by :- Phytophthora infestans Alternaria solani Low oxygen and high temperatu reBoron deficiency
30 The term hypersensitive response was given by :- Mc Kinney W.N. Stanley E.C. Stakman Bawden and pirie
31 Who discovered disease cycle of cereal rusts in India :- M.K.Patel B.B. Mundkar E.J.Butler K.C.Mehta
32 Which of the rusts was studied by flor(1956) for his gene- for – gene hypothesis :- Rust of wheat Rust of Tea Rust of Gram rust of Flax
33 Which of the fungus causes hypertrophy of floral parts and tumors in all parts of the host plant:- Peronospora arborescens Sclerospora sorghii Albugo candida Bremia sp.
34 Which of the bacterium can remove aflotoxin from milk, peanut,peanut oil,butter & corn? Bacillus subtilis Xanthormonas compestris Flavobaeterium Pseudomonas flourocens
35 Parasexual cycle was discovered in the fungus :- Aspergillus niger Aspergillus flavus Aspergillus fumigatus Aspergillus nidulans
36 The strength of alcohol used in Gram;s stain is :- 75% 85% 95% 55%
37 Who wrote the book ” Bacteria in relation to plant diseases”. Robert Koch M.Goto Jhon Tyndall Erwin Frink Smith.
38 Who reported phenomenon of cross- protection for the first time in citrus tristeza virus :- K.M.Smith W.C.Price H.H.Mckinney R.A.Salaman
39 Potato virus-Y is transmitted by aphid vector in :- Non- persistent manner Persistent Manner Semipersistent manner Propagative manner
40 Which of the following is mostly used as an abrasive in laboratory :- Telecom powder Silica Gel Charcoal Powder Carborandum
41 Which of the following is used for green preservation Zink sulphate Cpper sulphate Calcuum sulphate Iron sulphate
42 An important disease of apple and pear which is called as fire blight was first dicscovered by – S.wakesman,1944 J.H. Cragie,1927 T.J. Burill,1878 Johnson in, 1927
43 Which fungus has been found to be a very good biological agent for soil borne diseases ? Chaetomium Aspergillus Trichoderma Rhizopus
44 Phylum based classification was based on 16 sr DNA molecular data morphological and physiological characters Serological characters Host range
45 On the basis of phylogenetic relationship the sister group relationship exists between :- Zygomycota – Ascomycota Ascomycota – Basidiomycota Omycota- Ascomycota Chytridiomycota – Basidiomycota
46 In case of Deuteromycetes , the hyphal cell which directly transform into a conidium term as :- Hyphogenous cell Conidiophores Coniothallus Conidiogenous cell
47 In bacteria cytoplasm is surrounded by cell membrane and cell wall, while in mollicutes:- Surrounded by cell membrane surrounded by cell wall are having three layers cell cover does not have any protective cover.
48 Most plant pathogenic bacteria are :- Cocci and having single flagella. Irregular in shape and having all kinds of rods and cocci shapes . Rod shaped with only exception streptomyces which is filamentous. All plant pathogenic bacteria are filamentous.
49 Angular leaf spot of Cucumber is caused by :- Xanthomonas campestrispv. vesicatoria Pseudomonas syringae pv. phaseolicola Pseudomonas syringae pv lacrymans Xanthomonas campestris pv. phaseoli
50 Xylem inhabiting bacteria are serious plant pethogens and they are placed :- In the genus Pseudomonas , rod shaped cells. In the genus Xanthomonas , rod shaped cells. In the genus Clostridium , rod shaped cells. In the genus Xyllela , rod shaped cells.
51 “Viruses of bacteria” are called as : DNA virus of bacteria. RNA virus of bacteria Bacterophages Endospore forming bacteria
52 The viruses with small RNA genome and protein coat and associated with another helper virus for its multiplication and infection called as: Satellite viruses RNA – viruses RNA – associated viruses Begomo viruses
53 Which fo the following is a group of obligate parasites- Late blight of potato, rusts, smuts Downy mildews , stalk rots,smuts. White rust of mustard, smuts,rusts Cereospora leaf spot, rusts , white rust of crucifers.
54 Spray of urea on fallen dead leaves is a promising control for the following fruit disease:- Die back of mango Apple scab Anthracnose of banana Stem end rot of mango
55 Incubation of microbial cultures can be done at lower and higher temperatures then the room temperature in an equipment called as – Deep freezer Incubator Biological oxygen demand incubator Growth chamber
56 You have to isolate Curvularia from the maize leaves where, it cause leaf spots which media you will prefer to use :- Nutrient Agar Potato dextrose Agar Complete medium Richard’s medium
57 In laminar – air flow cabinet, a burner and air blower is fitted for the purpose of Burning culture and air circulation To make the inoculation needle aseptic and fresh air circulation To make the inoculation needle asptic and to avoid the heat through circulation to make the isolation free from contaminants and circulation of fresh air through filters
58 Counting of colonies of bacteria/fungi/Actinomycetes can be done by using:- Hand lens Stereo microscope Compund microscope Colony counter(Digital)
59 Isolation and maintenance of the culture fo citrus canker bacteria Xanthomonas campestris pv.citri can be best done on the meida:- Chalk agar Ntrient agar YEMA medium Martin Agar medium
60 Mycoplasma diseases can be controlled by using a specific antibiotic to which these are sensitive :- Oxytetracycline Streptocycline sulphate Agrimycine Tetracycline
61 Cultural method of disease management includes:- Deep ploughing, weed removal, crop debris destruction, balanced fertilizer application etc. Seed treatment, soil drenching by fungicides/pesticides, weed removal etc. Foliar spray, weed removal, balance fertilizer, application and timely irrigation. FYM application with neemcake powder, mulching, seed treatment and foliar spray.
62 Exlusion of disease/ pathogen inoculum is an important and vital task which can be done by :- Soil treatment , foliar application of fungicides & weedicides . Seed treatment, seed certification, quarantine regulation . Soil amendments, fertilizer doses in splits and weed management . Soil health check, regular monitoring and application of fungicides.
63 In case of downy mildew diseases where, primary infection occurs , the removal of infection seedling helps in :- Checking spread of secondary infection and disease severity remain low. Total eradication of the disease. Loss in the disease developing sources . There will not be any effect on severity of the disease.
64 The aim of crop rotation is :- Changing the crop sequence. Replacing the earlier crop with more valuable crop. Groving non-host crop. Planning for an orchard
65 In Rajasthan, mejority of virus diseases on crops are :- Graft transmitted Seed-transmitted Thrips transmitted Aphid transmitted
66 Which of the virus in the following virus diseases is thermostable :- Papaya leaf curl virus . Tobacco mosaic virus Banana bunchy top virus . Cucumber mosaic virus.
67 Powdery mildew of cucurbits caused by Erysiphe cichoraceous was introduced in Indian in 1910 from:- Bangladesh Japan Netherlands Sri lanka
68 Directorate of plant protection and Quarantine has the role of preventing infected plant materials from :- Airports, Sea ports Air ports,Sea ports and land frontiers(entry & exit points ) All airports, sea ports and highways Only at selected points of entry
69 “For every Avirulent gene in pathogen , there is dominent corresponding Resistance gene in the host” was concluded by :- Vander Plank, 1962. H.H.Flor,1956 Stakman,1958 Webster,J.,1959
70 These are low molecular weight protein compounds produced in response of infection or aboitic stress:- Elicitors PR-proteins Antigens Phytoalexins
71 This kind of resistance does not last long in crop varieties and can be broken with virulent races of pathogen: Vertical resistance Horizontal resistance Cytoplasmic resistance Biochemical resistance
72 The hyphal organ which gives or exerts pressure on host surface for penetration into host is called as :- Penetration peg Appressoria Germ tube Haustoria
73 To cover larger area in less time to spray, fungicide/pesticide/micronutrient solution, which type of sprayes would be proper :- Low volume sprayer High volume sprayer foot sprayer Low volume power sprayer
74 To study the structure of viruses, electron microscope is required which was first designed and invented by:- Robert Hook,1863 Ernst Ruska,1931 Lamark and Trevinarus,1802 MC Kinney,1929
75 Green ear disease of Bajra is one of the important disease in Rajasthan and its causal organism is :- Claviceps purpurea Sclerospora sp.



Sclenrospora graminicola
76 According to Agroclimatic zones Zone IV ‘a’ and IV ‘b’ have maize crop as a major crop in Kharif season, Which are these areas and important economic disease of maize:- Kota, Bundi, jhalawar- Bounded leaf & sheath blight bharatpur, Karauli & Sawai Madhopur- curvularia spot Udaipur Banaswara, Dungerpur-Stock rot of maize Bikaner, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer – Maydis leaf blight
77 Powdery mildew genera are differentaited on the basis of :- Oospores and their shape conidial production pattren Cleistothecial appendages Sporangial production
78 An important pathogen which causes sheath blight of rice and banded leaf and sheath blight in maize is Rhizoctonia solani and this is :- Mycelial, non sporeforming, sclerotial and infection through cushion. Conidial, asexual reproduction, sclerotial and infection peg. Oosporic, soil borne , appressorial mode of infection Zoosporic, sporangial, seperate mycelium & direct penetration.
79 Ber is an important fruit crop of rajasthan, but powdery mildew causes loss in the chlorophyll area and ultimately affects production The causal organims is : Oidium erysiphoides Erysiphe polygoni Leveilula taurica Sphaerotheca rolean
80 Coriander is important spice crop of Kota, Jhalawar and Baran districts but Protomyces macrosporus causes severe losses. The Name of the disease:- Blight of coriander root rot of coriander Necrosis of coriander Stem gall of corander
81 Biocontrol agents like Trichoderma viride and T. harzianun can kill the soil borne pathogen propagules like Oospores, chlamydospore, sclerotia etc. How it can be applied to soil:- Mixing 20 kg of Trichoderma formulation in soil . Incubination of 100 kg FYM using 2 kg Trichoderma formulation and then adding to soil. Mixing the Trichoderma formulation along with fertilizer application . Furrow application of Trichoderma formulation .
82 There is increased focus on organic farming these days, if you have to control diseases in such fields the options are :- Seed treatment and foliar application of fungicides . Seed treatment with biocontrol agent and application of fungicides as foliar spray. Seed treatment with fungicide and furrow application of bio – agents. Seed treatment with bio agent and foliar spray of botanicals like neem, kalmegh etc.
83 The latest and most sensitive technique for the diagnosis of plant pathogens within shortest possible time based on molecular approaches :-‘ Bio- PCR ELISA Serological diagnosis Real time- PCR
84 Which enzymes are extremely important in pathogenesis because they provide the pathogen chemical means of entrance into the host :- Hydrolytic enxymes . Only cutinases . Proteinases Peroxidases .
85 The reserve food material in Oospores or sexual spores in major quantity is :- Glycoproteins Glycogens Glucose + protein Galactosse and nucleoproteins
86 Inactvation of pathogen enzymes by host is carried out fromation of :- Antienzymatic protein substances formation of barriers like Tyloses Production of phenolic substance like poly phenol oxidases Production of toxins by the pathogens
87 To measure the leaf spot diseases like Cercospora leaf spot, a rating scale popular in India is:- 1-10 rating scale 1-5 rating scale 0-9 rating scale 0-4 rating scale
88 To screen the varietal line against downy mildew pathogens , the popular method of inoculation is : Spray inoculation of conidia- 107ml. Wound inoculation by suspension of cnidia Tooth pick inoculation technique. Sick plot technique.
89 A farmer comes to you with few fungal diseased plants. How you will process to give him precise solution :- Suggesting fungicide on the basis of symptoms. Diagnosis of the pathogen and suggesting specific fungicide . On the basis of severity you will suggest precautionary measures. Suggesting systemic fungicide to avoid further damage.
90 In India if you want to get a pathogen culture identified authentically,which agencies /institutes you will contect:- Central Institutes of that particular crop IARI and its regional stations. Taxonomist and senior Faculty in the universities- ITCC ,IARI New Delhi,NBAIM at Mau, UP.
91 Based on environmental parameters, the computer simulations model “EPIVEN” was made for forecasting of the disease:- Vein clearing of tobacco Blossom blight of apple. Southern leaf blight of maize Apple scab.
92 Based on the available data of disease ratings, which formula you will use to calculate percent disease Index:- (Number of infected plants / Total no. Of plants observed) X 100 (Sum of the ratings/ Total plants/leaves) X 100 ( Area of plant tissue infected / Total area) X 100 (Sum of the individual ratings/ Total no. Of plant/leaves observed) X (100/Maximam disease rating )
93 The most popular ediable mushroom in the world is (with it scientific name ):- Agaricus bisporus (button mushroom) Pleurotus sajor-caju (Oyster mushroom) Morchella Spp. (Button mushroom) Phellorinia inquinaus (khumbi)
94 In india , the best substrate for spawn production of mushroom is:- Pearlmillet grains Sorghum grains Rice and rye grains wheat grains.
95 Highly priced mushroom Morchella which is called as “Gucchi” comes under the phylum:- Zygomycota Ascomyeota Basidiomycota Qomycota
96 Mushroom which is a popular medicinal mushroom and treated as anti-cancer and is being used worldwide:- Schizophyllum commune Lentinula edodes Grifolla frondosa Tricholoma Sp.
97 In china,this mushroom is treated as curing medicine for major ailments:- Ganoderma lucidum Lentinula edodes Amanita muscaeria Amanita phalloides
98 In Northens states of India, mushroom production is largely of button mushroom and compost preparation method is :- Long mehtod of composting (by manual turning) Short method of composting (by using pasteurization chamber) Pit method of coumposting using all ingredients mixed in a pit . FYM like composting method.
99 Pure culture of ediable mushroom can be maintained by :- Frequent subculturing on PDA. By keeping culture in Refrigerator. Lyophilization of pure culture Subculturing on changing media everytime .
100 The minimum equipments needed for a mushroom spawn lab are :- Air conditioner ,Auto clave, refrigerator etc.- Lminar air flow cabinet, B.O.D. Autoclave B.O.D., oven , colony counter and air circulation ducts . B.O.D., shakes, spectrophotometer and microscope.

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