How to Get MSBTE Diploma Answer Sheet Photocopy Online

The Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education (MSBTE) Photostat of Answer Sheet Online Process is given below. The Fees for Rechecking & Revaluation is Rs 500/- per answer sheet. The candidate has to deposit Demand Draft in the favor of Principal of School. The Result of Diploma 1st/ 2nd/ 3rd/ 4th/ 5th/ 6th Semester Summer & Winter Result 2016 is declared.

msbte diploma answer sheet online

Photocopies of Answer Books and Reassessment of Answer Sheets.

The examinee shall be entitled to apply in prescribed form along with requisite fees for obtaining photocopies of his AAB of only the latest examination of the Board and in which he has appeared. (ii) The examinee shall be eligible to apply for photocopies of maximum two answer book(s) of each of the latest examination of the board in which he has appeared (iii) The examinee shall not be eligible to apply for the photocopies of the answer books, if any, pertaining to the examinations other than the theory (written) examination such as practical, sessional, project, viva-voce (oral) examinations and also of such examinations of the Board where grade is awarded instead of numerical marking. (iv) Application form shall be accompanied by the cost of the application form and the prescribed non-refundable fee of Rs.500/- per answer book or such fee as may be prescribed by the Board from time to time, paid in cash or by a crossed DD payable to the Principal of the institute.


  1. An examinee desirous of procuring photocopy of the AABs shall apply in the prescribed form i.e. (Form –
  2. The examinee shall submit separate applications for each examination, if he has appeared for more than one semester/yearly examination simultaneously and wishes to obtain photocopies of more than one examination.
  3. Application form shall be accompanied by the cost of the application form and the prescribed non-refundable fee of Rs.500/- per answer book or such fee as may be prescribed by the Board from time to time, paid in cash or by a crossed DD payable to the Principal of the institution.
  4. The examinee shall submit application form(s) within 10 calendar days from the date of declaration of results of the concerned examination(s). If the 10th day falls on a holiday the next working day shall be the last day for such submission.
  5. Applications received after the last date shall not be considered.
  6. The application must also be accompanied by a self-attested photocopy of the statement of marks of the concerned examination(s).
  7. The principal of the institute shall submit all applications to the related Regional Office of the Board as per the procedure and schedule prescribed by the Board.
  8. Applications incomplete in any respect and/or with illegible entries shall be liable to be rejected.
  9. Upon receipt of the applications of the examinees in prescribed format from the institutions, Board shall process them for photocopying. The process of providing photocopies of the AAB/s shall include verification of marks following prevalent norms as per RG-9(J).
  10. Examinees not desirous of obtaining the photocopies of the AAB/s and interested only in verification of marks, shall apply as usual for verification.
  11. The Board shall issue the photocopies of the AAB/s (in single copies) to the concerned examinees, getting due acknowledgment, through concerned institutions.
  12. The Board shall declare the schedule indicating dates for various activities in this


1. Upon receipt of the photocopies of the desired AAB/s by the examinee if any examinee is not satisfied with the marks awarded to him, he may apply to the Board for reassessment of the answer books through the Principal of his institute in the prescribed form (Form – R) within the time limit as laid down in the schedule of the Board. 2. The application for reassessment of answer book shall be submitted by the examinee to the same institute where he submitted the application for procuring the photocopy of the AAB/s. 3. The application form shall be made available by the Board at its website and at a price printed in the form. Examinee shall pay the cost of the form along with the prescribed fee for the reassessment. 4. The candidate shall be required to submit separate application form for each examination. The application for reassessment of answer book shall be accompanied by the price of the application form and a non-refundable fee of Rs.500/- per subject, payable in cash or by a crossed DD payable to Principal of the institution.

5. All cases of reassessment of answer books received in an institute shall be placed before the institutional level Redress Committee, for scrutiny. The Redress Committees shall be course-specific and appointed by the Principal, consisting of following members. a) Principal of the Institute. ……………………Chairman b) Head of the Department. ………….. Member Secretary c) A lecturer in the concerned course………… Member The Redress Committee shall perform the following activities. • Upon evaluating from the photocopy of the AAB supplied by the Board, if a case is made out for reassessment of the answer book, the Redress Committee shall make due recommendation to that effect by providing reasons in writing there for. 6. The Principal shall submit all cases duly recommended/not recommended by the related Redress Committees along with the requisite fees, in prescribed format to the concerned Regional Office as per the schedule of the Board. The photocopies of the AABs shall be kept in the institution and finally disposed as per the instructions of the Board. The Principal shall display the list of the NOT RECOMMENDED cases on institutional notice Board for the information of the concerned applicants after receiving clearance from Board. 7 The Principal(Chief officer-in-charge) of Regional Reassessment Centre (RRAC) shall appoint the examiners subject wise with minimum of 10 years teaching experience of the concerned subject. He shall not be the original valuer or the moderator. In case such teacher with requisite teaching experience is not available, the Deputy Secretary, REGIONAL OFFICE. shall be competent to nominate a retired teacher or any other expert in the subject. 8 The marks given after reassessment shall be finally awarded to the applicant examinee only If the total marks given after reassessment and those given before reassessment differ by 10% of the maximum marks of the subject or more, on either side i.e. irrespective of final increase or decrease. However, if the examinee still fails in the subject after the reassessment, the reassessed marks shall not be taken on the examination documents of the Board. 9 The Board shall communicate the revised marks to the applicant examinee through a suitable notification within the dates prescribed by the Board. The decision of the Board shall be binding on the examinee. 10 The revised marks will not confer any right upon the examinees for admission to the next higher class in the current academic year, if the schedule of admissions to the higher class does not so permit 11 The revised statement of marks shall be given to the examinee only on surrendering his original statement of marks to the Principal. The Principal shall handover the revised statement of marks issued by the Board to the examinee on obtaining due acknowledgment and the original statement of marks from him, which will be later sent to the Board
The revision of marks accrued to the applicant examinee shall be counted towards award of merit, medals and prizes, where applicable.

MSBTE Summer 2016 Result Online

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